About sharkQuiz

We are a group of educators who love to play Quiz Games at the OISE (Ontario Institute for studies in Education) Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, we used to take our kids downstairs to play quiz together in the Cafeteria, and after the pandemic started to outbreak, our kids in quarantine at home still missed the fun times playing Quiz together. To keep the children playing and learning at the same time, we designed and developed our own educational Quiz Game website. We invited other educators around us to join us in creating and organizing these quizzes in an innovative way from the perspective of knowledge inspiration and exploration to make sure that each quiz is fun and interesting for kids.

Educational quiz can bring multiple benefits to children’s development. Children have a lot of fun while helping them expand their knowledge boundaries, fill in the gaps and gain potential growth on insight. We review each quiz based on its educational value.

The shark is one of the most extraordinary species known to exist on our planet. The most peculiar feature is that its teeth do not stop growing because of age, and when the old ones fall out and are destroyed, new ones grow in their place. It has to replace thousands of teeth in its lifetime, and when the front row of teeth fall out, the back row of new teeth will immediately replace them, and the new teeth are bigger and more durable than the old ones.

sharkQuiz wants to bring joy to children with educational value, and meanwhile, make sure depth of knowledge can grow and preserve for each of them, like the teeth of a shark, and keep pushing out the new boundaries. As time goes by, children’s knowledge should also be updated and enriched, and let them gradually understand the benefits of learning new knowledge, which will bring them joy and achievement.

Every kid can learn tremendously at sharkQuiz, where they can discover may ares of knowledge unknown to them and learn these new knowledge through the Quiz Games. After filling in the gaps in knowledge, the joy of getting the questions right, the sense of accomplishment and the feeling of achievement will encourage and inspire them to explore and research more new areas of knowledge in the future.

“Shark” stands for constant renewal of knowledge, and we built sharkQuiz in the city of Toronto using the concept of “Shark Teeth”. Our team has produced original content and is proud to bring these highly valuable educational quizzes on this site.

We believe that every quiz is appropriate for children ages 2-13. We hope you enjoy the site and explore more by playing with our original quiz with the “Shark Teeth” concept.